Becoming a Business

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

It has taken 30 years for me to arrive at the point where I feel Renée Kilburn Ceramics has become a business.

Meanwhile, I have been through

🌱 3 creative educations.

🌱 3 positions of being a pottery assistant.

🌱 Running a ceramic production company with my husband.

🌱 Raising a family and looking after ill and dying Mother and Father inlaw.

🌱 Starting my own company and realising where my strengths and skills lie. Also learning everything around the business aspect itself.

As a one man operation, it can become very intense sometimes.

  1. Making

  2. Firing

  3. Glazing

  4. Decorating

  5. Marketing

  6. Computerwork

  7. Selling

  8. Website

  9. Photographing

  10. Editing

  11. Packing

  12. Exhibiting

  13. Researching....and so on.

I do have a wonderful husband who helps with plaster work, setting up exhibitions, deliveries and other bits and bobs. Like cutting and grinding all the flower stems.

It was mainly as I started focusing on making ceramics for the garden, when selling became more frequent. I find it easier to display work in a garden setting then to fight for space in a shop or gallery.

Living in England where there are a lot of National Trust properties and other large houses with gardens surrounding them, and where they hold regular outdoor exhibitions for garden sculpture, helps us artists and sculptours a lot.

Especially now in Covid times when the outdoor events could start up again.

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