In 1994-97 I studied Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martin’s College in London, where I had the opportunity to meet and work with Contemporary Ceramics Artist Kate Malone and my view of ceramics changed.


Coming from Sweden with a minimal expression of colour and design, Kate Malone opened my eyes to a world of wonderful ceramic creations. Colour, shape, size, imagination, playfulness etc.


I model ceramic flower sculptures and other outdoor garden ornaments and sculptures, using ES40 hand building clay. It gives me the freedom of working with the coiling, slab and sprig techniques without fear of cracking and warping. I can be as spontaneous in the making as I feel.

My method of glazing has developed during the past 30 years to a technique it seems I am alone in using. It gives me strong, frost proof, outdoor stoneware pieces in everlasting bright and shiny colours. Just the way I like it!

Renee Kilburn Ceramics Action Shot.jpg
Renee Kilburn is Painting Poppies for Glaze Firing.jpg
Renee Kilburn is Decorating Poppy Centres with Manganese Dioxide.jpg
Bright Red and Shiny Fired Poppies at Renee Kilburn Ceramics.jpg

In June 2018 an exhibition started at RHS Garden Rosemoor where I was asked to make 100 poppies to be installed around an Unknown Soldier sculpture, in commemoration of the end of WW1 in 1918.

I ended up making 700 poppies with help from my son rolling out slabs of clay, daughter cutting out petals and husband doing the metal work on the stems and delivering more poppies as they sold.

I feel immensely proud to have helped raise £1700 for The Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal!

The Poppies are available to buy in the Web Shop.