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Ceramic Flower Bird Baths by Renee Kilburn
Renee Kilburn Preparing Clay In The Studio
Ceramic Work In Progress Renee Kilburn Is making clay petals photographed in her hand.
Frost Proof and Non Fading Renee Kilburn Ceramics Fired Flower Bird Bath Dish In The Kiln.
Renee Kilburn Posing With The Meadow Bird Bath During North Somerset Arts Week 2023

My Story
I make forever colourful ceramic garden sculptures so that my customers will stop for a moment and smile and in some cases, remember a loved one. The pieces make hearts, homes and gardens come alive.


The journey started in the early 90's and in 1997 I received a BA(hons) degree in Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martin’s College in London, where I also had the opportunity to meet and work with world renowned Ceramic Artist Kate Malone and my view of ceramics changed forever.

Coming from Sweden with a minimal expression of colour and design, Kate Malone opened my eyes to a world of wonderful creations. Colour, shape, size, imagination, playfulness etc.

A customers who owns my work knows it is the only one in the world, unique and one-off.


I model ceramic flowers and other home and garden sculptures with ES40 hand building clay. It gives me the freedom to be spontaneous when working with the coiling, slab and sprig techniques without fear of cracking and warping.


The answer to the question "How long did it take you" that is asked every time I exhibit is, it takes a long time to coil the large pieces when I can progress 15cm only each day as the layer beneath has to firm up enough to take the weight of the next coil.

I then model and add the decoration, dry the work out and hand paint all the different colourful glazes. Also firing every piece three times takes 7 days and is a very long process. Due to this, my exhibitions need to be planned at least 6 months in advance.


The method of glazing has developed during the years to a unique technique that I am alone in using. It gives me strong, frost proof outdoor stoneware pieces in everlasting bright and shiny colours.

Each piece comes with 30 years of knowledge, experience and passion, also with excellent customer care and where possible, recyclable packaging.

Renee Kilburn action shot coiling a large bird bath base
Renee Kilburn Ceramic Lamp Base Commission
Renee Kilburn Ceramics Frost Proof and Non Fading Flower Bird Bath

Working in the studio August 2019

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