Hello and welcome to my first Blog.

My name is Renée Kilburn and I was born in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1968. I grew up by the coast and was a very quiet and shy little girl. School was difficult and although I tried my best, it was never good enough.

My Brother made it possible for me to move to Stockholm after graduating and there I started working at H&M and found my first Art Foundation Course. Life and I changed!

After a couple of years, I changed jobs and became a sales assistant at Dekorima, art material supplies, where I met and made friends with Suzzie Holler who taught ceramics on her days off.

After a while I realised that none of the art materials on offer gave me the finish I was looking for. Everything was flat and dull.

To get to know Suzzie better, I signed up for one of her pottery courses. I made a slab built vase. It got fired and I glazed it, then took a fine brush and added a line drawing of a man with watered down cobalt. After that firing, I had my Eureka moment!

The image had depth! It had movement! It stirred me inside...and my life changed again.

Suzzie Holler who started my ceramic journey.

You can google her name to see what she makes now.

(I do wish I still had the first ever vase I made that started me on this journey).

We still meet up now, when she comes to London every Spring to visit galleries, museums and shows. Not to mention café's, pubs and restaurants!

The House my Father built and where I grew up until 10 yrs old, when he passed away and my Mother, Brother and I moved into Gothenburg.

My room was the window on the right!

This is how the Summers were spent, swimming, playing, fishing, sunbathing. I adore the West Coast outside Gothenburg!

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