Flower Queen Vase

Flower Queen Vase


This one-off and unique piece is 32x20x10cm and made using stoneware clay.


 I developed a group of vases working to the theme of 'Harmony' with my @art6explore group.


The shape is built up over time as the lower coils need firming up before I continue with the next coil. Otherwise the piece will distort.


When I am satisfied with the shape, all the detail is hand modelled and added. This is a wonderful part of the process when the vase comes to life.


Depending on the climate and time of year and size of product, the work is left to dry for 1 - 4 weeks. When fully dry it goes through a bique firing, then gets glazed in a white shiny stoneware glaze and fired for the 2nd time.


After this the shiny colourful glazes are painted on by hand and I make these glazes up from a base powder, adding different % of oxides and colour stains to achieve my unique colourful finish. Then I fire the kiln for the 3rd and hopefully last time, if I am happy with the result. 


The final result is unique, very tactile and colourful work of art that is useful and waterproof too.