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'Summer Garden' Ceramic Table Lamp

'Summer Garden' Ceramic Table Lamp


'Summer Garden' Ceramic Table Lamp is coiled with stoneware clay and every detail hand modelled and painted with colourful everlasting glazes.


A customer asked me if I make lamps and I am not one to say no, so she gave me a design drawing and I got to work, making 2 bases just in case anything went wrong. This is the 2nd one.


The Lamp Shade is included in the price and it is made by Jo Whiteland Batik. If you prefer to buy the lamp base without a shade let me know and I can take £55 off the price.


This lamp fitting is for a byonette bulb and I have had the lamp base PAC tested by an electrician.


Lamp base and lamp shade are 52 cm tall together.

The lamp base is 27 cm tall including the fitting and 24 cm wide.

The lamp shade is 21 cm tall and 30 cm wide.

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