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Set of 3 Purple/Lilac Alliums

Set of 3 Purple/Lilac Alliums


This Purple/ Lilac Allium globe set is made with frost proof stoneware clay and fitted on 8mm wide iron stems. Every little flower is added by hand and each petal is painted by hand, using brightly coloured shiny glazes that I make up with oxides and stains. This particular colour combination fits perfectly with the real plant.


Large Size: 98cm tall x 18cm wide

Medium Size: 90cm tall x 15cm wide

Small Size: 80cm tall x 10cm wide


This product is currently out of stock and made by request. 

It will take 3 weeks to make and 3 days and £20 to ship within the UK.


If you need an international shipment, contact me and I will find out how much it will cost and how long it will take to arrive.


Email, text me on +44 7990894404 UK or message using the chat box.