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Small Blue Calla Lily

Small Blue Calla Lily


The small blue stoneware lily is ca 65 cm tall and fitted with a 6mm soft iron rosebar stem. It is frost proof and can be outdoors through Winter to brighten up your garden when there are not too many blooming plants. But make sure it is not full of water when the frost comes.

To clean, use water from the hose and a long bristle paint brush.

If you want to purchase a group of large and/or small lilies, send a message on the contact page so I can add your requierments in the Shop.

I also make a large Calla Lily that is 95 cm tall.

Please note that this is a hand made and hand painted product and that small variations will occurr between flowers seen on the photo and bought in the shop. If you want to see the exact flower/s to be shipped, let me know and I will supply a photograph.

  • Return Policy

    You have a statuatory refund right of 14 days from recieveing your order. If you have suspicions of the product has been broken in transit, the box might be damaged, please submit photographic evidence of opening the box.

    I will replace the product, but it is hand made and slight differences can ocurr. There might not be a replacement in stock, in that case it will take 3-5 weeks before I am able to send another.

    It is a rare thing that pieces have broken in transit as I pack the boxes well, so orders can be shipped all over the world.

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