How Lockdown has been for my business.

When it started in March, all my 2020 booked exhibitions (I counted 18 all together) just vanished and any prospect of making money disappeared with them.

As the Galleries stocking my work closed too, real panic set in and I was terrified for the future.

I was well aware that every other human on the planet felt the exact same panic.

But that didn't take mine away.

After 2 weeks of moping, I decided to do what I could to move forward. When I had stopped worrying about if I could afford the costs of adding a shop to my website, I just went with it and expanded the product range in my Etsy shop too.

The long and intense task of photographing all my work began. Then down loading, cropping and adding them. Writing descriptions and that almost made me cry! I do not like sitting at the computer, at all!

I am a person standing up all day, working with clay.

When my Etsy shop started selling almost every day, I just couldn't believe it! My studio became a shop, me wrapping and shipping gifts to people all over the world. The hard, boring work was paying off.

The webshop has been slower to grow but is getting busier now, when the Etsy shop is slowing down due to higher shipping costs to the US.

I am very lucky, because my studio is in a quiet quarry and I have been able to work there safely since May.

In July a few exhibitions started again and soon the galleries opened too and now I spend most my time making again.

It feels great and I am very fortunate.

Worle Quarry where my studio is.

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