Poppy Garden Flowers


Renée Kilburn Ceramics

Hedge Vase 


Catherine Davies Photography

At Taunton Flower Show

My artistic journey started in Sweden as a painter. Trying all known materials, I always finished my work unsatisfied. It was only when I took my first pottery class that I realised what was missing. Glaze! I need to paint with glazes where magic happens in the firing process.

In 1994 I moved to London to study Ceramic Design at Central saint Martins. During that time, I also worked as an assistant to ceramic artist Kate Malone (currently a judge at "The Pottery Throw Down"). This was where I understood, that clay could become so much more than what I had experienced up to that point.

My work has developed since then to be tactile, painterly and truly unique. Stoneware clay really can become bright and have "movement" when fired.

My inspiration comes from the nature around me. Interpreting what I have seen more than copying. As there is so much beauty I just keep on going!

Commissions are welcome!